Seydouba CamaraI am a Guinean circus artist, and I live in Saint-Gravé (56220). I perform several numbers including 3 personal creations..

I can do a solo show or join a group.

Festival Interceltique Lorient

/LG5The Festival interceltique Lorient, abbreviated to FIL (in Breton: Emvod ar Gelted en Oriant) is held every year in Lorient, Brittany. It brings together dozens of groups from countries and regions of Celtic origin for ten days during the first half of August.

The festival has its origins in 1971 with a bagadoù* competition. It turned to interceltism the following year to set itself apart from other festivals in the region, then opened up to other forms of cultural expression thereafter. From the end of the 1990s, it became one of the most important French festivals in terms of its number of visitors, welcoming up to 800,000 visitors, including 115,000 paying admissions in 2010.