LEA Company - Murmurations or the dive

plongeon etoureaux

School sessions open to the general public

In the beginning there is the observation of the murmurings, flocks of birds projecting into the air, performing moving figures in the sky of astonishing beauty, able to fly together smoothly. Then there is the desire of the choreographer to question the collective at school, in particular in the transition between CM2 and 6ème, the desire to question through dance, music and video the movements of groups of children. Students. How do they move? By following what trajectories? What movement strategies can allow everyone to find their place in the group? How, like birds in whispers, find their place in the group and exclude no one?

On the set, three artists, interpreters of this story, three adults, three women who affirm the power of listening and gentleness.

An invitation to make room, to find your place, to harmonize, to take care, to share and to fly away ... Together.


Friday 3rd December 2021

Palais des congrès et de la Culture, Loudéac 22600

02 96 28 65 50