Vannes All Star 11

Saturday 18th December 2021 at 20h00 Photo © Stephane Sroczynski Having become a pillar of L’Echonova’s…

Marina Satti

The Greco-Sudanese singer-songwriter and producer embodies an artistic purpose with multiple identities! Marina Satti excels…

LEA Company - Murmurations or the dive

School sessions open to the general public In the beginning there is the observation of…

At the Edge of a World

Noëlle Deffontaines / Philippe Ollivier We are in the dark with bandoneonist Philippe Ollivier and…


noelBrittany Art Collective

Breizh Art is a showcase of artists united by the region of Brittany*

Assuming that folk using the English version of this website may have a limited knowledge of the French language we have tried to list events here that can be appreciated regardless of language (music, dance, exhibitions...). Events that require a good understanding of French (theater, comedy...) can be found on the French version of this site.

Conceived during the covid crisis, the intention of Breizh Art is to help artists based in Brittany. Artists can create a page and / or publicise events for free. In 2021 Breizh Art aims to run a feature on a different artist each week.

Art lovers can discover new talent through the top menu and explore upcoming events on the home page.

* Brittany (Breizh in the regionnal language of Breton, or Bretagne in French)  was once an independent Celtic kingdom; today a region of France, the north western penninsula just below Cornwall.

09/09/21 - 31/12/21

New Pop !

29200 Brest

new pop sm





Beau Lendemains23/11/21 - 27/11/21

De Beaux Lendemains

Saint Brieuc 22000

Beau Lendemains St Brieuc

09/10/21 - 02/01/22

Vera Molner

35000 Rennes